LeadingAge Ohio Member COVID-19 Update - Shared screen with speaker view
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Patrick Schwartz
Question from the COVID19 email: On 5/7/20 we emailed NHSN. We were previously enrolled but are not able to access site. We also need to change the administrator for site.We received an email with ticket number, but have not had any contact yet.Do you have any other recommendations? Should we attempt to email again or wait for response.?
Patrick Schwartz
Questions from the COVID19 email: Is the 3.25% increase in AL Waiver payments safe? (This reimb. is not in statute hence potentially at risk).
Susan Wallace
Yes that is correct. The appropriations remained intact, but the legislative language was vetoed for year 2 of the biennium which begins July 1.
Susan Wallace
The rule which delivered the 3.25 percent increase to ALW and PASSPORT was effective in March. There has been no discussion of cutting provider rates in the future to date, but certainly it is something we are watching as revenue projections change.
LeadingAge Ohio Webinar
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