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judy budi
Are IL residents of Life Plan communities included if HUD 202 are included?
judy budi
Stephanie- why don't they tie the frequency of focused infection control to community spread so if community spread is high and the facility has already had cases and a prior survey in the last couple of months then they hold.
judy budi
I don't see what Stephanie posted from 3M?
Stephanie DeWees
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This time was good
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afternoon is better
Stephanie DeWees
1. Perform on-site surveys (within 30 days of this memo) of nursing homes withprevious COVID-19 outbreaks, defined as:• Cumulative confirmed cases/bed capacity at 10% or greater; or• Cumulative confirmed plus suspected cases/bed capacity at 20% or greater; or• Ten or more deaths reported due to COVID-19.(is this criteria still being used to trip FIC survey’s? Or was it just that 1 time for PREVIOUS outbreaks) This is still in effect.2. Perform on-site surveys (within three to five days of identification) of any nursinghome with 3 or more new COVID-19 suspected and confirmed cases in the since thelast National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) COVID-19 report, or 1 confirmedresident case in a facility that was previously COVID-free. State Survey Agenciesare encouraged to communicate with their State Healthcare Associated Infectioncoordinators prior to initiating these surveys.what defines PREVIOUS COVID-free, for example if they had an outbreak in July, FIC in July, then no positives for say 2 weeks
Stephanie DeWees
You will want to proceed with outbreak protocols because 90 days is the defined timeframe but definitely work with your local health dept.
Stephanie DeWees
CMS did NOT waive the requirement to ensure competency of the nursing assistants.CMS & ODH allows providers to have anyone be a nursing assistant as long as the provider ensures they are competent to do the task being asked of them to do.Attached is a Q&A we had ODH review that will also assist in clarifying this waiver.CMS defines how to determine competency. There are a few different ways of to prove competency. CMS lists those examples and it is included below.Here is language from the COVID 19 Emergency WaiversTraining and Certification of Nurse Aides. CMS is waiving the requirements at 42 CFR 483.35(d) (with the exception of 42 CFR 483.35(d)(1)(i)), which require that a SNF and NF may not employ anyone for longer than four months unless they met the training and certification requirements under § 483.35(d). CMS is waiving these requirements to assist in potential staffing shortages seen with the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure the health and safety of nursing home residents, CMS is not waiving 42
Stephanie DeWees
Demonstration of CompetencyCompetency may not be demonstrated simply by documenting that staff attended a training, listened to a lecture, or watched a video. A staff’s ability to use and integrate the knowledge and skills that were the subject of the training, lecture or video must be assessed and evaluated by staff already determined to be competent in these skill areas.Examples for evaluating competencies may include but are not limited to:• Lecture with return demonstration for physical activities;• A pre- and post-test for documentation issues;• Demonstrated ability to use tools, devices, or equipment that were the subject of training and used to care for residents;• Reviewing adverse events that occurred as an indication of gaps in competency; or• Demonstrated ability to perform activities that is in the scope of practice an individual is licensed or certified to perform.