LeadingAge Ohio All Member Q & A Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Laura Perez
my question is what do we know about the states plan to have visitation and will it be different for facilities who have completed vaccination versus those who haven't?
Anne Shelley
We can send a Q&A to all who registered for this call. Thanks!
Heidi Reed
Is there a plan for the state to provide antibody testing for staff members who have received the vaccine or for those who have had COVID?
Debra Gordon
If a resident had symptoms after first shot can they have the second one? Very tired, achey, weak
Elayne Newcomb
What about opening things within the facility, ie group activities, dining rooms, etc
Stephanie DeWees
Q If a resident had Sx after 1st dose - A: Yes, the recommendation is to give the 2nd does. Those are anticipated side effects. Any concerns can also be discussed with the residents PCP. Possibly discuss with PCP how to prepare resident for 2nd dose - getting well hydrated for example.
Amy Tener
I work with buildings in other states. we have seen a pattern that after the first vaccine clinic we are seeing a rise in cases in our SNF or the start of an outbreak. Brings up concerns of spread by vaccinators, however we have been asking for negative test results of vaccinators prior to the clinic starting. Have you all heard of this pattern as well?
Debra Gordon
Did I miss when can residence have visitors? My mother in laws independent living was and is allowing visitors. My dad's on the other hand isn't allowing any.
Jenny Nijak
Add to those questions if the resident has not only been vaccinated, but have also had covid...do they have to quarantine when returning from (fill in the blank)
Debra Gordon
Heard that a lot more elderly have died from vaccination then being reported? This is rumor mill, but nonetheless on social media.
Bethany Miller
Though we do not allow visitors, we do allow families to take their loved one to appointments. What are your thoughts on this?