LeadingAge Ohio Member COVID-19 Update - Shared screen with speaker view
Patrick Schwartz
From the COVID-19 email address: Can the members on the call weigh-in on how much they are paying, to whom, and for how long?
Patrick Schwartz
From the COVID-19 email address: So how will the National Guard arrive at the building? If they roll up in a bunch of camo vehicles, it will hardly be a secret as to what is going on.For SNFs in a campus setting, will all staff be tested even those working in AL or other areas?
M. Bradford
Will facilities be billed for the testing? If so, what is the cost.
Patrick Schwartz
From the COVID-19 email: Are there plans yet as to the frequency of how often the testing will occur through this process or triggers for ongoing testing?
What if the are on the same campus but in different building? We have a decentralized corporate office that is not connected to any resident care areas. Would these employees still require a test?
Nadine Roszko
For our questions that did not get addressed: will we get them answered by email?